About Marc::

Marc was born March 27, 1975 in Bromsgrove, England and lived in Oxford for 5 years before moving to Alberta, Canada. He and his family moved back to Oxford after 10 years of Calgary winters, and stayed in the UK for 3 years before moving to Chicago. Three Chicago winters proved just as fierce as those in Canada, and his family wisely decided to return once again to Oxford where they now reside. Marc stayed behind to attend the University of Illinois, where he won Keri playing Pai Gow. Despite a court injunction, Marc steadfastly refuses to release Keri from his clutches.

 About Keri::

Keri was born March 6, 1977 in Peoria, IL and lived there for 18 years before attending the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign where she met Marc. She convinced Marc to move to Seattle, WA in 1999 to escape the midwest, but they returned to Illinois (this time settling in Chicago) in 2001 to cut down on airfare costs. Keri doesn't remember much since then, but did wake up one morning sporting an engagement ring. It was so sparkly and bright that she decided to keep it and the man who soldered it to her finger.

 How We Met::

We met while attending the University of Illinois together in 1997. One day while at an ATM, we locked eyes and haven't looked away since.

It has now been over 6 years and our love for one another has only gotten stronger. We are the very best of friends and hope to live a very long and happy life together.

 How He Proposed::

Marc, being the gentleman that he is, actually proposed twice. He first popped the question on our 5th anniversary (June 28th 2002) whilst paddle boating on a swan in the middle of Chicago's Lincoln Park. He had intended to propose at Allerton Park in Monticello, IL where we had our first date -- but he couldn't convince me to drive the 3 hours (sorry Marc!).

Marc decided on a whim to propose again on my birthday amidst champagne, candlelight, and chocolate covered strawberries. Hopefully, I will be able to repay him with as much romantic creativity on our many anniversaries to come!

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